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Mentoring is committed to YOUR Success

Mentoring is setting a Partnership between the two envolved parties, both comitted to this realtionship and the sucess of the programme.

The Mentor as a more experienced person is providing guidance, support and assistance for your develpoment. I would though also push you out of your comfort zone in order to widen your horizon and open new perspectives.

Together we will evaluate your talents as much as your areas of developments, we can find you new challenges as well as help you sucessfully pass your current ones.

It will always be your responsibility, your decision and your solutions within the process.

A mentoring relationship can last over a longer period of time with monthly meetings or due to a specifc matter only for a short timeframe, this will be defined in the first consulting and can be modified at any time depending on your needs

***Possible subjects in a mentoring relationship: ***

Providing a qualified professional, a sparring partner for discussions or advice

Providing tools to self-development and self-reflect

Analysing reoccurring behaviours and pattern

Assist in preparing for upcoming challenges

Develop in your area of expertise, setting new goals and how to achieve them.

Identifying strengths and areas of development.

For any furter informations and details about mentoring please also check our Partner webside of the AICR Switzerland

And watch one of our Videos:

Introduction to Mentoring

News from the mentoring Programm

Please also refer to my german Coaching webside:

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